Gold Coast drivers asked to name and shame congestion hotspots

IS there a particularly busy Gold Coast road that gives you a headache each and every day? If so, RACQ wants to know.

The state’s peak motoring body is asking for local motorists to name and shame the roads which constantly bring traffic to a standstill across the City for the latest RACQ Red Spot Congestion Survey.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said drivers were in the best position to identify regularly congested roads and intersections that made them see red.


“Whether it’s a particular set of traffic lights taking too long to change, delays at a rail crossing, or something completely different, we want Queenslanders to help us pinpoint the locations and issues delaying their travels,” Ms Ross said.

“Congestion doesn’t just hold us up and keep us from doing the things we want to do with our friends and family, it also costs the economy through loss of productivity, so it’s an important issue to address.”

Ms Ross said RACQ would use the results from the State-wide survey to help prioritise its advocacy work when it lobbied Local, State and Federal governments for infrastructure funding and improvements.

“Several spots identified in previous surveys have since received upgrades, including Southport – Burleigh Road and several locations on the Pacific Motorway,” she said.

“More than 2,000 people had their say during the last survey and we encourage all Queenslanders to participate this time ‘round. You could a win $250 EFTPOS gift card.”

Motorists can complete the RACQ’s Red Spot Congestion Survey at before 11.59pm on 6 March 2019.

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I cannot understand why people stop being able to drive around the Reedy Creek to Mudgeeraba stretch, every 2nd day it is a major problem and can cause what usually takes 7 mins to take a child to school into a sometimes 45 minute drive. Then when the M1 is packed, they decided to take Old Coach Road which blocks traffic at the woolworths round about, whoever planned the area around the three schools in the area should be fired.
The same goes for the Cloverhill estate next to Somerset college, what an absolute nightmare to pick a child up, there is one way in and one way out, if there is an emergency, whoever is there is in some serious trouble. The council decided to put a strip of no parking paint most of the way down, put a sign up to stop people parking there for longer than 10 mins, so after you get to the school an hour early, the policeman who gets pretty snarky will give you a fine, so you have to park 1km away just to pick your child up, chaos everywhere, people parking and blocking the sight of oncoming traffic so when you try to exit the school can sometimes be wiped out by people not doing 40. No wonder there is so much rage while driving around.

Gaven Arterial is a nightmare during peak hours. The council let’s people build housing schemes but won’t upgrade the infrastructure like roads. There is only one single lane road to go in and out of that whole area. To make things worst, main roads just finished spending money making it look pretty but no change to the traffic conditions. Someone’s getting a kickback. Typical bureaucracy.

One of the most conjested stretches of road is on the M1 heading south is coming towards the 19th Avenue overpass where there is a ginormous large led advertising sign which is really like an oversized mobile phone screen. The traffic slows down to read it and as a result causes large delays and sometimes head to tail accidents. How do I know it slows down the traffic unnecessarily; Well once you pass it the traffic speeds up again. It is so hypocritical that you can be fined for looking at your phone while driving but the government allows these oversized mobile phone screens to be erected for revenue and it causes drivers to be delayed and frustrated in the name of advertising and making money
Pull the things down