Gold Coaster reunited with Corgi following alleged ‘dognapping’

A Gold Coast woman has been reunited with her pet corgi, several months after the beloved pooch was allegedly stolen by a pet-sitter.

Carmen Pham left her four-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Haku in the temporary care of a man, believed to be a family friend, while she travelled overseas earlier this year.

However, upon her return back home, the Labrador woman said the pet-sitter and his partner allegedly refused to return Haku after taking a liking to the adorable pooch, with the pair going into hiding.


The alleged dognapping went viral around the country last week after Ms Pham shared a post from the Missing & Stolen Pets in Qld Facebook page, pleading for help from the community to get her much-loved furry companion back.

“She was allegedly taken by a male/pet sitter after he was requested by the legal owners to return her to them he went into hiding,” the post, shared on September 3 reads.

“Haku has been seen in the possession of the man’s girlfriend. Pictures of Haku have been posted on the girlfriend’s business Instagram page even though the girlfriend has DENIED any knowledge of knowing Haku to the POLICE.”

Following the public appeal and after enlisting the help of a pet detective, the Corgi was finally surrendered to Surfers Paradise police station.

Carmen Pham reunited with her beloved Corgi Haku | PHOTO: Missing & Stolen Pets Australia

Speaking to Sunrise on Wednesday, Ms Pham said the return of Haku was a “dream come true”.

“I feel very grateful that she’s back safely to me and I feel grateful to the people who supported me throughout this,” she said.

The relieved woman also took to her own Facebook page to thank the local community for all of their help.

“Thank you so much to EVERYONE who LISTENED to Haku story, TRUSTED me and SUPPORTING me from the very start even though most of you didn’t know me before all of this!” Ms Pham wrote.