Gold Coasters band together to reinvigorate Southern Indian fishing village

A group of Gold Coasters has banded together to raise funds to help educate villagers in Southern India about sustainable fishing and waste management methods.

The group, Positive Change for Marine Life, is attempting to teach local Indian fisherman how to fish with sustainable models.

Currently, the fishing village of Vizhinjam is on the verge of collapse due to the burning of plastic in the area and the amount of sewage waste in the water.


The Global Coordinator for the Program, Elizabeth Tovar Caravajal said fishermen who used to have to travel 5 kilometres for their catch are now being forced to trek over 30 kilometres in search of fish.

“Each year, fishermen have to travel further out and spend longer hours at sea in hopes of bringing home enough fish to support their family’s needs,” she said.

“Every generation has witnessed first-hand the reduction of their catch, fish are undeniably sparse and considerably smaller than they were only a decade ago.”

Many fishermen in Vizhinjam are unaware of over-fishing and waste management practises and pollution.

Positive Change for Marine Life is holding a night of art, raffles and entertainment to help raise funds.

It’ll be held at Mandala and Co. cafe at Mermaid Beach on the 22nd of November and tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite, more information can be found on their Facebook page by searching: Positive Change for Marine Life.