Gold Coasters can return their containers for cash from today!

Gold Coasters, it’s time to start collecting your empty cans and bottles if you’d like a little extra cash in your pocket.

The state’s much-anticipated Container Refund Scheme kicks off in Queensland today, giving residents the opportunity to receive a 10-cent refund for every eligible container they return at any of the 30 designated drop-off points rolled out across the coast.

The scheme, Containers for Change, is being launched by the Queensland Government in a bid to improve recycling rates and reduce litter.


Most aluminium, glass, steel, plastic and liquid paperboard containers between 150ml and three litres will be eligible for a refund, however there are some beverage containers that are not, such as glass wine and spirit bottles, plain milk containers, cask wine and registered health tonics.

Gold Coasters returning containers are being encouraged to create a personal scheme account, so that they can easily receive their refund directly into a bank account, as not all refund points will provide cash.

Other payment options include retail e-vouchers, whilst people can also donate their refunds to local charities and community groups in need.

Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef Leeanne Enoch says she hopes that as many Queenslanders as possible will take advantage of the scheme and claim their 10 cent refunds.

“Around three billion drink or beverage containers are used every year in Queensland,” Ms Enoch said.

“We want to make sure Queenslanders, wherever they are in the state, have the opportunity to receive the refund, or to donate the refund to a charity, school or community group of their choice.”

There’s over 30 separate recycling points across the coast, which include over-the-counter depots, drop-offs, reverse vending machines, donation sites and mobile and pop-up refund points.

For more information, including a list of drop-off points, visit the Containers for Change website.

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As usual nothing for Northern GCers.

We have driven to two locations this morning to cash out cans and bottles. Both names spots knew nothing about the enviro banks. Mermaid Nobby’s beach life saving club and the 173 hydges Rd mermaid beach. Wat is going on?

I also went to Varsity Lakes 1 but no bags there & nobody in the sports centre around to ask. Called thru the entire building but nobody anywhere. This recycling is a joke. There was another car pulling up when I was leaving & he also said it’s crap. NSW has a much better system none of this bag s*** just machines that you feed the bottles into & a voucher is printed out to spend at Woolworths. QLD always does things s***ty

Ok going to admit I haven’t read previous comments on this post so people may have already addressed this…you do all realise the govt has tacked on a 10 cent plus gst levy to all companies using plastic/recyclable bottles, cans etc which in turn has been passed onto the consumer…so govt aren’t losing out, they know they will make money as so many wont bother or have time to go to a recycle centre to claim their refund but continue to put the recycled containers in our recycle bin as we have been doing for years!

Its another government revenue raiser

What a joke, cannot find a can & bottle redeeming point on the Gold Coast, we estimate we are paying around 25c extra per unit to buy, and still cannot get 10c each.
Just like the plastic bags fiasco, we now buy them, NO reduction in plastic, more if anything.
Fed up !!

Where on earth are the recycle places near Broadbeach Waters. No one seems to know, not even the council.

Where are the refund stations ??????