Gold Coast Council to consult the community before bringing in tip fees

UPDATE @ June 8 | Tip fees could still be another year away for Gold Coasters, now that Council has decided to consult the community on plans to charge for household waste.

More details have emerged about Council’s plan to introduce fees at the tip after locals raged about having to pay to dump.

The matter is being discussed in closed-door meetings in the lead up to the 2021/22 budget, which will be unveiled on June 23.


It would see Gold Coasters charged to drop their domestic waste at the tip.

After Council was smashed with severe criticism for the plan, more details have emerged as to how the scheme will be rolled out.

A spokesperson confirmed to myGC that fees won’t be brought in immediately post-budget, but that a lengthy community consultation period will be undertaken first.

It’ll mean that tip runs will still be free for at least the next financial year, while the consultation is carried out for six months.

The matter will then likely go back to special budget considerations early in 2022 and may be brought in for the 2022/23 budget.

“Council has agreed to defer any future tip fees for residents until 2022-2023 financial year, to allow for a city-wide community consultation on recycling,” a spokesperson told myGC.

“The consultation will propose discounts on rates for individuals who improve their home-based recycling but will mean residents utilising the dump will pay a gate fee,

“The consultation is expected to finish in December with a report to Council early next year.

EARLIER @ June 7 | The days of dumping our domestic waste at the tip for free could soon be over for the Gold Coast, with the council now talking about introducing fees.

The idea was discussed at a confidential committee meeting as part of budget consideration last week.

However, the matter has to go before councillors in an open session before more information about fees can be revealed.

A council spokesperson confirmed to myGC yesterday that fees have recently been raised in ‘Special Budget’ discussions.

“A Confidential item on Waste Management Tariff Reform was considered by Special Budget and Finance committee on Monday.

“A vote in open session is yet to occur and it would be inappropriate to comment further,” Council’s blanket statement reads.

It’s understood the change will be unveiled as part of the Council’s 2021/22 budget, which is due to be handed down on June 23.

“The mayor is always very focused on trying to keep rates to CPI  but again we won’t know for sure until June 23,” the spokesperson told myGC.

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Yes introduce charges for the tip and then have to fund more public servant jobs to go and clean up illegally dumped rubbish from parks and reserves as well as road side clean ups.

and shopping centres, I manage 2 centres and we constantly have issues with people too lazy to take things to the tip.

That’s where it will probably end up.

Tweed dump will get busy

It’s not ‘for free’. It’s either ‘for nothing’ or just ‘free’. God some people are stupid.

Yeah you!

Don’t upset the grammar police!

Last edited 7 days ago by boris

Aren’t we already paying for that to the City Council through the bi-annually rate bill?

Why was this confidential?

GCCC just needs to look at the Brisbane City councils decision to stop curb side pick up (yeah yeah they said they stopped because of covid) and how well that didn’t work and the amount of illegal dumping came from that decision, now they are giving out vouchers to stop it and are returning to curb side pick ups.
what does the GCCC think will happen if they start charging for this service.

yea right…great idea NOT. More illegal dumping..Council are double-dipping again… Less services but more council wages….Look at the ridiculous amount the ceo wages are…

This is what we pay our rates for, why should we have to pay extra? are they going to reduce our rates to compensate the costs?

Best way is to vote this silly council out next election. Always sends a message.

More decisions by out of touch politicians. Bet none of them use the tip – far too high brow for that! But what do you expect, Qld is full of out of touch politicians from the very top and all the way down. Secret meetings to discuss how to manage the rates we pay – have they forgotten why they are there in the first place???

I’ll pay tip fees if council starts mowing my nature strip for me.

Its disgusting. After they hiked the rate and water fees, now they try to introduce tip fees? So greedy. They should sack council’s ibises… they just bunch of bludgers.