It’s official, it’s the hottest July day in recorded history on the Gold Coast

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed the Gold Coast is experiencing its hottest July day in recorded history.

The mercury hit 26.9 degrees at the Gold Coast Seaway shortly after 2pm, which is just above the record of 26.8 degrees which was set back at the seaway in 1999.

By 3pm, the temperature had dropped back to 24.7 degrees.


Records for this particular weather station go back 24 years, to 1992.

However, residents in the city’s southern-most suburb were spared the worst of the heat, with the weather station at Coolangatta recording a top temperature of 24 degrees at midday.

The hottest July day ever recorded at this station was 26.9 degrees and that was back in 2007.

It was expected to be even hotter inland west of the M1, with the weather bureau tipping Coomera and Nerang to reach 29 degrees.

Unfortunately, there are no weather stations in these suburbs.

The weather is expected to return to more average winter conditions from late tomorrow when a forecast cool change sweeps through the area in the afternoon.

The change will drop daytime temperatures from the high 20s back down to the low 20s, while our overnight temperatures will also fall from 17 degrees, down to a more wintry 10 degrees.