Gold Coasters flock to the beach

Thousands of locals have chosen our shoreline as the best place to cool-off with inland temperatures soaring to 40 degrees this weekend.

It is no wonder the ocean is a top spot to escape the summer heatwave, with the water temperature at around 23 degrees.

Council Lifeguard Scott Franzmann warns that the sand will be red-hot under the toes though.


“There will be a lot of people doing the hot sand shuffle today,” said Lifeguard Franzmann.

“The sand will get quite warm, so a good idea to wear a pair of shoes or thongs.”

It may not be the best conditions for swimmers however, following this weeks King Tide.

“There’s a lot of water movement with a fairly strong current moving from south to north, so just asking people to stay nice and close.”

Tourists and locals alike are being reminded to stay within the patrolled areas.

“Just ask the lifeguards and lifesavers for any advice and always stick between those red and yellow flags.”