Gold Coasters furious over lack of community consultation for new ambulance station

Ormeau residents are angry that a new ambulance station will be built right in the middle of their community, without their say so.

Division 1 Councillor Donna Gates copped concerns and complaints from an aggravated group this morning, though Council is left wondering why they weren’t consulted either.

“No consultation at all, Council has not had an approach from the State Government, I haven’t been informed.


“And the state member Michael Crandon seemed oblivious to the proposal,” Cr Donna Gates told myGC.

Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services Steven Miles announced  the new state-of-the-art facility on Tuesday, just two days later, work is underway.

The decided location is on Peachey Road, though is smack bang in the middle of a residential community, despite being picked for it’s proximity to the industrial area and the M1.

Cr Gates says she completely understands why locals are upset, and agrees there should have been more consultation on the matter.

“One would think in this day and age that there would be extensive community consultation.

“But the site is already fenced, the house has been demolished, and operational works are already underway – with no reference to council whatsoever.

“The community has the right to be concerned at the lack of community consultation,” Cr Gates said.

It’s believed there is a petition being collected, though only the state has the power to change the zoning through a ministerial designation.

Cr Gates says she will make sure the community voice is heard.

“I will push forward on any proposal that the community pushes for and bring it to attention of the state,” Cr Gates said.

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And have you seen all the people on the ormeau community page that actually want this station where it is? Basic research and you would locate it easily.

Was hoping for a Red Rooster actually

Wow!!! Just wow!!!

So this is the way of life now is it?

One must ask the question on why the residents of Ormeau got no say, no options, no vote, no communication, no respect, no regard?

Considering I am one of those residents, who in fact lives along said road, I say NO to you to continue in proceeding with the development!!!

Your abuse of power stinks and is deplorable…Which should be and will be of concern to all who reads this article…

The ignorance shown to all who reside in Ormeau, especially the residents who live on and around Peachy Rd is astounding!!!

Quote: “But the site is already fenced, the house has been demolished, and operational works are already underway – with no reference to council whatsoever”
It is never too late!!! Pack up your tools and lunch boxes and move along!!!

The State Government and the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services ought to check those egos, and while you are at it you may want to rethink how you all conduct business…You are a corporation after all…

If someone could be kind enough to give the details of where we can sign the petition, it would be immensely appreciated…Thank you in advance.


What a ridiculous location – very poor planning! I fully support a new ambulance station, however it needs to be in an appropriate position. How underhanded not to even consult with the local community. Sneaky tactics such as this will obviously cause outrage.
Following is the link for the E-Petition.