Gold Coasters now able to buy to organic food and products online

AN AMAZON-STYLE online marketplace for organic food and products is now available on the Gold Coast just one month after its launch in Victoria.

Melbourne couple Richie and Rachel Rankin, and their son, Oli, are the brains behind online organic marketplace,

Growing up in generational farming families and wanting to give their nine-month-old son Oli the healthiest start to life Mr and Mrs Rankin started Marqet to give Australian families greater access to organic food than ever before.


South-east Queensland-based company Home Fresh Organics is the first fresh organic produce supplier outside of Victoria with Mr Rankin putting the call out to other Queensland producers to jump on board.

“Our start-up, Marqet, gives every Australian household the chance to take control of their organic food and product choices,” Mr Rankin said.

“It is an online marketplace solely dedicated to organic food and sustainably sourced products with interest growing every week from people around the country excited to have it available in their town or city.”

Johan and Samantha Gelderblom founded Home Fresh Organics and delivers fresh food boxes to their customers weekly using South-east Queensland produce.

“We’re passionate about making sure that people in our reach have access to quality, locally sourced organic produce,” Mr Gelderblom said.

“It’s important for our health and wellbeing, while also in supporting our local farmers and we hope we can continue to grow our organic community through our collaboration with Marqet.”

To ensure Marqet and the producers who have signed on to the cause can reach every Australian family, the small team is calling on the public to help spread Marqet’s wings.

“Marqet is the beginning of what we hope will become the of organic food and the springboard to help us protect this beautiful country of ours for both Oli’s generation and our grandchildren’s,” Mr Rankin said.

The couple is using the popular crowd-funding platform, Pozible, to raise the necessary funds – a minimum of $7,500 to add a number of bells and whistles for sellers within the marketplace, as well as commence development to turn Marqet into Australia’s dedicated hub for organics to promote health, wellbeing and sustainability. For more information, visit