Gold Coasters praised after first weekend of eased restrictions

Police say they’re generally pretty pleased with the behaviour of Gold Coasters and businesses across the city after the first weekend of eased restrictions, with just two fines issued.

Thousands of people took advantage of the new rules which allowed outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people while dozens of restaurants and cafes swung open their doors for the first time in weeks.

The only two fines to be issued happened early this morning at a house party in Pimpama.


“Six occupants lived at the address but they had 11 people over visiting and they were given a warning on the first occasion, we worked with them and they seemed to understand it but unfortunately we had to go back there again some hours later and that’s where we’ve issued those two infringement notices,” Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said.

Large crowds were reported at Burleigh Hill and Rainbow Bay on the weekend but Police say the message from a couple of weeks ago has sunk in.

“On most occasions people were doing the right thing, they were keeping their social distance and they were not congregating in large groups.

“Where people didn’t get it right we had those positive interactions and were able to communicate with our community members and ultimately they did the right thing.”

However Police were forced to deal with dozens of people caught drinking in public over the weekend.

While just one fine was handed out, around 80 others were told by Police to tip their grog out.

Officers also carried out random compliance checks of Gold Coast restaurants and cafes that re-opened on the weekend to ensure they were sticking with the 10-person dining rule, but no fines were issued.

“We’re really happy with the compliance in that regard, in our general patrols were observing that most of those cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, appear to have their COVID-safe checklist done and it was very noticeable that on most occasions there were only the maximum level of 10 people.”

Police have now handed out 133 fines on the Gold Coast since the beginning of the outbreak.

But all of those have been for individuals for breaching the border, breaching social distancing and for not self-quarantining.

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