Gold Coasters rally around toddler

I’ve been having one of those weeks – you know the ones, where you can’t help but throw yourself a small self-pity party? I’ve had one of those weeks.

My dog died, which was really crappy.

And my kids are sick and therefore extremely ratty. Factor in the fact that my three-year-old has been too snotty to send to kindy for 8 days (which means I haven’t been able to work with any efficiency for several days) and I’m feeling officially over-burdened and under-rested.


Plus, I’m sick – again. This is my fifth week of battling cold and flu symptoms and I’m well over it.

Queue the violins…

I was feeling one hundred percent miserable and one hundred percent justified in my misery, until I received an email about a fundraiser for Jessica Gall.

Or, more accurately, Jessica Gall’s little boy.

I’ve never met Jessica, but she was a 26-year-old Gold Coast girl, married with a two-year-old son, whose life tragically ended last month. Cancer. She had travelled to Mexico in a last-ditch effort to save her life and it’s in Mexico that she died, apart from her husband Eden and toddler, Easton.

What a wake-up call. A crappy week suffering with a cold and the loss of your aging dog is truly sucky, but this is a reminder that it could be far worse.

Losing your beautiful partnr when they’re only 26-years-old? Not understanding where your mummy has gone when you’re two years old? That’s misery defined.

Jessica’s loved ones have organised a gala dinner later this month and have set up a MyCause page to fundraise for her son.

When I read about Jessica’s passing, I immediately thought of my own kids. My little girl has been a wretched, snotty, sooky mess the past week and all she has wanted is cuddles with mummy.

Because that’s what you crave when you’re not feeling well: your mum.

The reality that this poor little guy doesn’t have his mum any more cut me to the bone. Needless to say, I called time on my self-indulgent pity party then and there.

May you rest in peace Jessica, and my thoughts go to the Gall family.