Gold Coasters rally to build Kelly Wilkinson’s family a new home

An ambitious campaign to build the family of murdered Gold Coast mother-of-three Kelly Wilkinson a brand new home has picked up momentum, with dozens of local construction companies putting up their hands to help.

Construction Entrepreneur Tamika Smith put out the call this week, urging the local industry to come together and help the family during their time of need.

Since launching the campaign, Tamika said she has been blown away by the number of people who have come forward and offered to help.


“I have been overwhelmed with participants wanting to help build Kelly’s children a home and I can confirm we received a welcomed phone call from Metricon to state they are coming on board to help this cause!” Ms Smith said.

“The local industry has been beyond supportive and for an industry that is often deemed cut throat, there was not a single man or woman within this sector who didn’t call me in the last 24 hours and say – Tamika, what have we got to do to make this happen.”

Ms Smith said she has been in touch with the Wilkinson family to fill them in on the good news.

“The continued support of the industry I grew up in has been beyond welcomed by Kelly’s family,” she said.

While the construction of the home has been covered, Ms Smith said all they’ve been left with now is trying to find a block of land.

Anyone who can help is being urged to email

Kelly Wilkinson, 27, was allegedly murdered by her estranged husband at her Arundel home last Tuesday morning.

Ms Wilkinson’s sister Danielle, who has five children of her own, is now looking after Kelly’s three children, with the family having to resort to using the living room for sleeping arrangements.

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