Gold Coasters react to shotgun ban

A Federal Government ban on a new type of shotgun is a public scare tactic that will hurt primary producers, according to a volunteer group representing Queensland shooters.

The Shooters Union was on the Gold Coast last week to talk to locals about a shotgun ban.

The Adler lever action weapon cannot be used while a Federal review is carried out into its classification.


Union Queensland President Graham Park visited Ashmore and said the Federal Government was targeting legitimate firearm users.

He said the ban was nothing more than a public scare tactic “we are getting the most amazing amount of feedback from firearm users around the state members and non members that I’ve ever seen since I’ve been involved”.

“They are outraged at some of the comments and the way things have been done” Mr Park added.

The passionate President said “I think it’s a temporary ban they’ve issued based around a couple of anti-gun extremist groups that have some very close ties with bureaucrats in Canberra who are using this as a political football, so to speak”.

He also said that the only way anyone can get their hands on an Adler lever action shotgun is “legally through having a licence and everything else and the process to go through that, aside from taking months, means we’ve weeded those types out already”.

“So criminals don’t buy guns legally, they import them illegally, they manufacture them or sometimes occasionally steal them and we are calling for mandatory prison terms for anyone that steals a firearm” Mr Park said.

The Federal Government has blocked imports of the Adler lever-action shotgun while a review occurs on its classification, including who can own the firearm.

Park said the ban was misguided and would not deliver the outcomes the government was seeking.

“This ban will have the most impact on primary producers, who already face significant delays and compliance issues in purchasing firearms for primary production purposes,” Mr Park said.

“Tying this ban to recent incidents of terrorism and other violence involving firearms, like the Lindt Cafe siege, shows how misguided this effort is, because they have been committed by non-licensed users with illegal firearms – this is where the government should be focusing.”