Gold Coaster’s Saucy Modern Family Gig

Marissa Film

MODERN FAMILY: Marissa starring as a topless beach babe on Bondi Beach in the special Australian episode.

GOLD Coast born beauty Marissa Wynne has a new acting role to add to resume – “topless woman”.

Marissa WynneWynne has scored a role in the Australian special of his US sitcom Modern Family, due to air in the US today.


In the episode she plays a half-naked beach babe on Bondi Beach, who has an encounter with young characters Manny and Luke.

The character was first known as “topless woman” however the producers of the show gave her a new name – “Erica”.

“The producers gave me a name, which was really nice of them, just so it would look a little bit nicer on my resume, I think,” she said.

The Queensland University of Technology student admits she was a bit nervous about baring so much flesh.

“But you don’t really think about that when you’re doing the scenes. As far as I know it’s pixilated, but I was seen by a lot of onlookers on the beach and a few people on the internet as well,” she said.

The cast of modern family spent two weeks filming around the country earlier in the year. The episode airs in Australia on Sunday.