Gold Coasters shiver through coldest morning of the year

If you couldn’t feel your hands or feet this morning, don’t worry you weren’t alone.

Gold Coasters woke to freezing cold temperatures, the coldest its been all year.

Coolangatta residents found themselves reaching for an extra blanket with the mercury dropping to an icy 5.3 degrees at 6.00am, while it was a slightly warmer 7.2 degrees at the Gold Coast Seaway around the same time.


Just northwest of the coast, Beaudesert locals shivered through just 0.9 degrees, while Warwick dropped to a freezing cold low of -2.7 at 6.00am.

At the time of writing (9.00am), the Gold Coast was a little warmer in double digits at 13C.

The temps are expected to rise as the morning rolls on, with an expected top of 22 degrees predicted for today.

How cold was it at your place? Let us know in the comments below!