Gold Coasters shiver through freezing cold August morning

Well, it seems Winter is well and truly still around with Gold Coasters waking to freezing cold temperatures this morning.

Canungra residents found themselves reaching for an extra blanket with the mercury dropping to an icy -1.6 degrees at 6.30am.

On the Southern Gold Coast, people in Coolangatta shivered through 3C around the same time, however the Bureau of Meteorology’s Lachlan Stoney said it felt like 0 degrees.


“We’ve had a dry air mass come over the South East of the state the last few days as well as light winds hit the Gold Coast,” Mr Stoney said.

“We had the coldest August temperatures at Coolangatta since 2013.

“It was a very chilly morning indeed!”

West of the coast, Beaudesert plummeted to 0.6 degrees, while Warwick dropped to a freezing cold low of -2.9 at 6.30am.

At the time of writing (7.00am), the Gold Coast Seaway was a little warmer at 9.2C.

The temps are expected to rise this morning, with an expected top of 22 degrees predicted for today.

We’re being told we’ll see slight increases in temperatures this week, but don’t put the winter woollies away just yet…

“Generally things will warm up over the next few weeks,” Meteorologist Lachlan Stoney said.

“However, we will still see similar bursts of cooler dry air.”