Gold Coasters shiver through freezing cold June morning

Brrrr! It seems Winter has well and truly arrived on the Gold Coast.

Locals found themselves reaching for an extra blanket this morning, waking to freezing cold temperatures across the city.

On the southern Gold Coast, Coolangatta residents may not have been able to feel their fingers, with the mercury dropping to an icy 3 degrees at 4.00am.


It was even colder out at Canungra, with residents there waking to a chilly 0.2 at 6.30am.

At the Gold Coast Seaway, the mercury plummeted to 7 degrees.

While just northwest of the coast, Beaudesert locals shivered through a freezing cold -0.5 degrees at 6.45am.

At the time of writing (7.00am), the Gold Coast was still in single digits at just 8 degrees, but the ‘feels like’ temperature was 5.3C.

Temperatures will heat up later this morning, with the city heading for a Sunny day with a top of 19C.

The cooler mornings are expected to stick around until at least Saturday, with morning lows of 9 degrees and day time temperatures around 21C.