Gold Coasters still not getting virus restriction message

Gold Coast beaches are at further risk of being closed altogether with people continuing to ignore social distancing rules.

Dozens of beachgoers have again been spotted sun baking on the sand at Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise, which goes against the direction of the State’s Chief Health Officer.

Dr Jeanette Young made it clear earlier this week that exercise on the beach was fine, but lying in the sun was not.


“So to go for a walk, or a run, but not to go and sun bake on the local beach, that’s not exercise,” Dr Young said.

On Thursday, the Gold Coast’s top cop threatened to start fining people who ignored the directions.

“We want to communicate with the community, we want them to do this of their own volition,” Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said.

“But, at the end of the day, we have to make sure compliance occurs and unfortunately to get people to comply, if that means issuing infringement notices, that’s the level we will get to.”

PHOTO: Marcus Greig

Surfers Paradise MP John-Paul Langbroek tweeted photos of people not only ignoring the rule on sun baking, but also ignoring social distancing by not being 1.5 metres apart on the sand.

Mr Langbroek concedes Mayor Tom Tate may have no choice but to close the city’s beaches.

He also posted a video of people exercising on the sand, clearly flouting social distancing rules.


Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll reaffirmed the position on sun baking at a media conference on Friday.

“You can attend the beach to to and exercise and for a swim, but don’t sun bake and don’t congregate,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“Activities such as sun baking and hanging out with your friends should not be taking place.

“It is about social distancing, it is about keeping people apart to make sure that we don’t spread this virus.”

Council was this week forced to wrap up outdoor exercise equipment in Surfers Paradise and Main Beach after people ignored the rule which made them off-limits.

There’s been a similar issue in Varsity Lakes, with dozens of residents complaining about people using the gym equipment.

Councillor Hermann Vorster has asked for signage and fencing to stop people breaking the rules, saying that people are putting their own safety at risk.  

“What is the sense trying to stay healthy if you risk making yourself sick – and risk bringing that sickness home to your family,” Cr Vorster said.

“Right now, it is everyone’s job to follow the rules which are there to help us get through this ordeal as quickly as possible.

PHOTO: Supplied


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Northcliffe terrace dozens of people on beach group of 8 backpackers playing soccer, sunbathing everyday.

These d***s ruin it for everyone else

I took a video of it today. I live in the building they do. They have no regard or respect.
So sick of them . Something has to be done.

what about the congregation of the police on every corner? are they immune to the disease and can’t spread it?

Exactly our MP needs to ask them
to perform the very job they are paid to do

I read recently on a post about Cvid-19 that the virus does not like warm sunshine and that it was a good idea to have a sunbake because it inhibits the virus and the Vitamin D helps. I think it is disgusting that a person on his/her own sun baking should get a fine at all. Especially if that person lives in a unit and it is the only way to get some sun.

The sun neutralizes and kill the virus if exposed to the sun directly, therefore externally.
The sun doesn’t kill the virus internally therefore if you are a carrier and contagious, you can pass it on to someone else in different ways, touching hands, droplets from sneezing or coughing etc..The sun and Vitamin D will have not stop that…

you contradict yourself.
If you cough or sneeze and droplets pass, then they get direct sunlight, if your on the beach.
Ive never heard or seen anyone sneeze inside another person, hmmm, get your facts right and stop scaring and passing false information.

sun and vit d are no match for this virus

Agree sunbathing should be aloud with 1or 2 people, it’s the ones not keeping their distance and getting together in groups ruining it for everyone else.

If one person is allowed to sunbath, then there are two and the next minute the whole beach is covered with people sunbathing.


I think it’s all bulls*** the governments around the world are up to something and they’re not telling us

I think Sean they have all been trying to tell you there is a Pandemic. Be thankful you don’t live in New York

Up to what? Asking a little bit of sacrifices and self-discipline for a bit of time in order to save lives??

Was ou for exercise today and it seemed to me that everyone was abiding by the rules! Maybe it’s not 100 percent of the time but please don’t take the beach away from us just because a few are either ignorant or are breaking the rules

Please don’t take the beach away because a few are either ignorant or are breaking the rules. You do realise that’s how society has to work? That’s why laws are made! Because of the 1% of F-Wits that ruin it for the rest of us.

So, the fine should be increase lot more to scare these ignorants!

Absolute Disgrace!! Goverment/ Police ….Taking away OUR LIVING RIGHTS….They have let 100s of 1000s people with NO background into our Country for Yrs!!! Most of whom continue THERE HABITS ….and NO gov crackdown….so now WE have all these health issues….and WE…have OUR common RIGHTS taken away from us….as THE PEOPLE/ NATION who brought this Dirty Culture into the world…ARE about to resume THERE RIGHTS to continue Normality…while WE….keep being told this LOCKDOWN could continue for 6 months!!!! TOTAL DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!

Well done!!! Congratulations on posting the most racist rant I have seen today.

Racist? only a DISG’RACE’ was mentioned

Come on Scott! It wasn’t just racist. It was also ignorant and uneducated

Instead of taking photos for media stunt why don’t you instruct local police to inform beach goers of restrictions? Police have sand bikes, quads and all range of vehicles supplied to do this task funded by tax payer who also funds your salary.

I saw they patrolling on the beach tho.

Hundreds of Motorbikes travelling on Springbrook road at Mudgeeraba this morning.
Some people just don’t get it.
Joyriding like nothings going on!
Bloody over you idiots on Motorbikes who think you’re above the law.

be careful, you might catch it on a bike ,lol, idiot

And then the beaches will be completely closed and those same people will whinge and blame the decision makers and expect sympathy if they loose a loved one for this virus..

Dog parks, people congregate down one end near the carpark. Skate parks, still have kids, even adults using them. Sometimes there is up to 15 people, other times just 5.
Basketball court behind the skate park has 5 kids playing. No parents look to be present as I drive past. This is in Pacific Pines. I drive past daily about 5pm /530pm on my way home from work. These need to be closed off for people to avoid it.

Most people are cool about it as for the rest smash them with the fines as the governments needs to make some money back

I’m totally fine to let these ignorants help to make governments money!

Lying in the sun isn’t causing any problems as long as you aren’t congregating in groups

The supermarket is more risky
These ridiculous rules ring of fascism !

Sunshine /Vit D helps fight depression

I totally agree with the need for physical distancing. But why can’t people sunbake or relax if they are maintaining the necessary physical distance? Closing beaches will have a terrible impact on Gold Coasters’ physical and mental health.