Gold Coasters sweat through hottest Autumn ever

Having only just pulled the blankets out of the cupboards, Gold Coasters will find it easy to believe we’ve just been through our hottest autumn on record.

A new report by the Climate Council has revealed that a slew of records were broken during March, April and May.

The Abnormal Autumn report found Australia just experienced its warmest March, second-warmest April and second-warmest May on record with thanks to a “climate change supercharged El Nino”.


Gold Coasters tossed and turned during May, with the mercury refusing to drop below 21.7 degrees during the night of May 10.

“Many Australians have forgotten what a normal autumn feels like,” Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said.

“And while balmy nights and beach days during May might seem nice, they’re actually a symptom of a climate that is spiralling out of control,” she added.

“Normally when records are broken, they’re only broken by a very small amount. But what we’re seeing now is records being set by enormous amounts, month after month.”