Gold Coasters targeted by heartless scammers

Gold Coasters are being warned about giving out their personal and financial information with a phone scam currently circulating within the community.

Uniting Care Queensland, an organisation which provides health and community services to thousands of people every day, was alerted to the scam after receiving reports that someone impersonating a staff member was making phone calls to people in the Gold Coast community asking them to donate money to the organisation.

“Fortunately the person ended the call and reported it to us, however it is important our clients and the wider community are aware of these calls and take all precautions,” Ms Cross said.


“We are reminding our clients and the wider community to never give personal details to people you don’t know.

“If you get a call from someone claiming to be from your bank or any other organisation, don’t give them your details. Instead, end the call, and then call the organisation in question to check it is really them contacting you.

“If you think that you’ve accidentally given out too much information, check your bank statements carefully, and if you see anything unusual please contact the police, as well as your bank, credit card provider or super fund immediately.”

The scam has since been reported to Scamwatch.