Gold Coasters shiver through their coldest morning in 12 months

UPDATE at 4:30 PM on SATURDAY | IT’S official – residents in parts of the Gold Coast have shivered through their coldest morning in 12 months.

The mercury plummeted to -3 degrees in the hinterland on Saturday morning, including at Canungra, in the hills behind Nerang, as a cold air mass settled in over the southeast.

Closer to the coast, it got down to 7.8 degrees at the Gold Coast Seaway, only a fraction cooler than this year’s previous record low of 7.9, recorded at the Seaway on June 16.


But believe it or not, however, for those living on the southern end of the Coast, it’s been colder.

While residents in Coolangatta woke to a crisp 3.7 degrees on Saturday, it was nothing when compared to the near-freezing 0.6 degrees recorded in the coastal suburb on June 18.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting similar crisp conditions right across the Coast tomorrow, with another chilly morning expected ahead of a picture-perfect winter’s day.

FIRST on FRIDAY | GOLD Coast winter lovers are in a flutter with the city set to experience its coldest morning of the year on Saturday, as a cold air mass makes its way over southeast Queensland.

The mercury is tipped to plummet into the single digits again tonight, getting down to a near-freezing one degree in Nerang tomorrow morning, and again on Sunday.

It’ll be only slightly warmer for those living closer to the coastline, with a low of six degrees forecast for locals and holidaymakers in Surfers Paradise on both days.

If the mercury drops to 7.8 degrees or lower at the Gold Coast Seaway as it is forecast to do, it will make it the coldest day on the Coast so far this year.

This year’s previous record low was 7.9 degrees, recorded at the Seaway on June 16. The lowest temperature ever recorded at the Seaway was 2.5 degrees in 2007.

While there’s no denying the mornings will be cold, the sun will be out to help locals thaw out during the day with top temperatures of a more average 21 degrees forecast right across the Coast.

The cold nights and even cooler mornings are expected to stick around until at least mid-next week.