Gold Coasters told to prepare for blackouts from Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie

GOLD Coasters are being urged to prepare for power outages as Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie moves into southeast Queensland.

Energex’s Executive General Manager Service Delivery Paul Rainbird said forecast winds above 40kph and torrential rain could affect the power network.

“Strong winds have the potential to blow tree branches and other loose objects into powerlines,” said Mr Rainbird.


“So we’re asking people to take a look around their yard today and store away anything that can be carried by strong winds to prevent them from becoming dangerous missiles.

“The expected severe weather can also bring down powerlines so we are reminding people to keep well away from any lines on the ground and call Energex’s emergency number on 13 19 62 or in a life-threatening situation call triple zero.

“Similarly, if underground power areas experience flooding, we are asking people not to enter waters that are inundating electrical infrastructure such as green pillar boxes, transformers or similar equipment that is mounted on the ground.”

Mr Rainbird also reminded the community that electrical dangers are just not outside the home and to be careful if rain or flooding enters a building.

“If someone’s home or business experiences flooding inundation or rain makes its way through the roof and walls of a building, there’s always the chance the internal wiring or electrical appliances have been damaged,” he said.

“If your home or business suffers water damage you should always call a licensed electrician to test it is safe before power is restored.

“Electrical appliances that become water damaged should also be tested or if need be repaired by a qualified electrical technician or simply thrown out.”

Mr Rainbird said Energex has extra crews on standby for the expected severe weather and asked the community remain patient if they lose power.

“Safety for our crews and the community is always our number one priority and we will only send our crews out to restore power once it is safe to do so,” Mr Rainbird said.

“So if you do lose power during the impeding wild weather, please rest assured our crews will be ready to get it back up and running the moment they can do so safely.”

With the possibility of severe weather-related power interruptions, now’s the time to keep phones, laptops and tablet devices charged.

For tips on how to prepare for the impeding wild weather or restoration updates, please visit

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