Gold Coasters unprepared for storm season

NEW research shows more than half of Gold Coasters are not prepared for upcoming storms.

The new data, commissioned by RACQ, claims that 54 percent of locals surveyed said they had made no home preparations for storm season.

While storms couldn’t be prevented, householders can safeguard people and property by:


  • Checking their home building and contents insurance sums insured
  • Checking gutters and downpipes. Clogged gutters can send water flowing into your home during heavy rain
  • Checking the roof for damaged or loose tiles and sheeting. A roof in good repair is more likely to withstand high winds and keep water out
  • Trim overgrown tree branches. Check with your local council if unsure about which trees/branches you can cut. DO NOT attempt to trim trees near powerlines
  • Remove or secure loose items around the garden that could become projectiles during high winds
  • Have an emergency kit that includes a battery-operated radio to listen to warnings and emergency services advice, a reliable torch and spare batteries, canned food, can opener, water, first-aid kit and blankets
  • Joining an Early Warning or Early Warning Alert Service through your local council or
  • Identify a shelter room in your house.

The RACQ Insurance Storm Preparedness Index also showed 8.4 percent of Queensland home owners had no home building or contents insurance whatsoever.