Gold Coasters urged to clean up before Comm Games

This Clean Up Australia Day we’re being told it’s more important than ever to roll up your sleeves and clean up around the Coast.

The annual emu parade falls on March 4th, only a month before the Commonwealth Games, and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said it’s the perfect time to “make the city shine”.

“We are going to be in the spotlight like never before and we want everyone to assist the city in making our foreshores, waterways, parks and bushland look better than they ever have,” he said.


“Our cleaners, maintenance staff and beaches teams are putting finishing touches in place all over the city.”

Clean Up Australia Day Founder and Chairman Ian Kiernan said Gold Coasters are treating out beaches like ashtrays.

“It’s a bit depressing to find out that most common waste on the beach is cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia,” he said.

“What people need to realise is whatever you drop, it’s going to end up in the ocean.

“We need to look after the Gold Coast.”

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