Gold Coasters urged to fuel up now as petrol prices plummet

Motorists on the Gold Coast are being urged to fuel up now with unleaded petrol selling for close to a dollar a litre at some service stations across the city.

The State’s peak motoring body has urged motorists across the south-east to take advantage of the low bowser prices before it’s too late.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said fuel was selling for less than 103 cents per litre in Southport and Labrador.


“Prices have been coming down for six weeks and motorists are continuing to benefit from a long period of discounted fuel,” Ms Smith said.

We are currently in the fifty-second day of the current price cycle – our longest cycle of the year.

“When the price cycle moves into the expensive phase, we see huge price spikes, often of about 20cpl,” Ms Smith said.

“Motorists across south-east Queensland wanting to save money should buy now, however it is important to keep an eye out for a benchmark price of 106cpl or less.

“While most service stations have dropped prices, there are always a few who refuse to play fair.”

Average unleaded prices in south-east Queensland include 106.4 cents per litre in Brisbane, 104.0 on the Gold Coast and 113.9 cents per litre on the Sunshine Coast.