Gold Coasters urged to lock up following spike in thefts from cars

Gold Coasters are being warned to ensure they lock up their cars, and tool boxes if you’re a tradie, following a spike in thefts.

Last week, police said they had an unusually high number of thefts occurring in the Burleigh Heads and Burleigh Waters areas on Saturday and Sunday night.

Senior Sergeant Nick Sellars said in addition to personal items being taken from the vehicles, a large number of cars had number plates including some interstate plates stolen.


“We’re asking for anyone who saw any person acting suspiciously near vehicles to contact police, also if you notice any vehicles with a different states number plate all of a sudden to contact police,” Senior Seregant Sellars said.

“We are looking at some CCTV and with the assistance of detectives we are reviewing all the offences, however it is timely to remind people to take some security precautions.”

Police said there are a few simple things that people can do to help prevent their vehicles and/or their valuables being stolen cars.

Motorists are reminded to:

• Lock doors
• Ensure windows are up
• Not have valuables on display
• Don’t park vehicles in vulnerable positions and
• Use anti – theft devices ie steering locks, alarms, engine immobilisers etc.
• Fit anti-theft number plate screws to your vehicle, available at Elanora Police Beat ( 55 714 740 for the next event)

Place valuables in the boot, glove box, centre console or under blankets so thieves aren’t tempted to target your vehicle.

Do not leave keys under the seat, under wheel arches or in the ignition.

Park your vehicle in an area where there is natural surveillance e.g. near shopping centre entrances and high pedestrian traffic areas.

Do not park in isolated or dark areas.