Gold Coasters urged to ‘plan ahead’ to avoid Comm Games traffic

With only 78 days until the Commonwealth Games kick off on the Gold Coast, locals are being encouraged to start organising their transport plans.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads, along with City of Gold Coast and the Commonwealth Games Corporation, officially launched their ‘Get Set for the Games’ campaign on Monday, which urges residents to try and make simple adjustments to their normal travel routines.

Transport and Main Roads Deputy Director General Matthew Longland said there are a number of ways Gold Coasters can do their bit to make the Commonwealth Games a huge success.


“A great way locals can help out is by having a flexible approach to the way they travel during the Games, which will help avoid unnecessary strain placed on our roads,” Mr Longland said.

“Travelling out of peak times, working from home and walking or cycling instead of driving are perfect examples of small changes that people can make.”

WATCH: Get Set for the Games TV Commercial

City of Gold Coast CEO Dale Dickson said public transport or active transport, such as walking or cycling for shorter journeys under 45 minutes, are “great options which people should embrace.”

The Get Set for the Games campaign is statewide, encouraging both local residents and visitors to plan ahead.

“We want to make sure that everyone in the city has the very best Games experience possible and smooth, well-planned travel will be a big part of that,” GOLDOC CEO Mark Peters said.

PHOTO: Supplied – Get Set for the Games Campaign | City of Gold Coast, Queensland Government, GOLDOC.

For more information on how to prepare for the games, click here.

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City of Gold Coast CEO Dale d***son said public transport or active transport, such as walking or cycling for shorter journeys under 45 minutes, are “great options which people should embrace.” Are you SERIOUS.. Shorter journeys under 45 minutes. Is that relative to where you can get to in 45 minutes in a car??? You are at about Logan from where I live in 45 minutes by vehicle. As I work at Currumbin and Kingscliff 3 days and then Harbour town 2 days! YOU won’t find me feeling like embracing that! My husbands business has had no consultation that Currumburra road will be completely shut… SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS and now the ONLY access road is shut to the business… so we loose vital income for the time the games is on.. we have bills and a business to run. We live in a “RED ZONE’ area.. and the LACK of information and expectations for those residents is pathetic! I had to find out from a volunteer at the games, all about the Red Zone areas. The council and the Com games are keeping those impacted the most in the dark and no doubt more “surprise” disruptions will be done with little time to do anything about it.

I thought Peter Beetie has assured us that there will be no problems with the traffic so why avoid it

This council is so out of touch, and it will be chaos, us lower s***ers that work still need to work, you work around us, not us around you, can not wait for the bulls***.

Are you serious……As a Personal Trainer and medical courier to Brisbane and back. You ask us to ride, walk or use public transport. I would like to see that in my position. COUNCIL HAS NO IDEA.

The road network has not been able to cope with normal traffic over the holiday period. So when their strategy is to shut down capacity by between 25- 50% at the same time introducing over 1m people to the network, there is only one predictable outcome. It not only shows poor planning, it shows horrendous lack of capacity for those responsible in their job performance. The situation has been neglected, common sense ignored and the rights of people, the value of their time and the importance of commerce blatantly pushed to the side. Only in government could this level of incompetence be acceptable

more bikes on the road, great idea ,NOT im hoping to get out of town altogether ,going to be a nightmare GC cant handle weekend traffic.

How ridiculous! As a child care worker it is impossible for me to ‘work from home’. We have also been informed that we may have to stay as late as 7pm (we close at 6pm) to allow for parents who may be caught up in the horrendous traffic! Come on – totally NOT worth it!

Maybe they should actually build a cycle path following the m1 from Brisbane to Tweed, then it might actually be SAFE to cycle on the Gold Coast and you would be able to get to places via alternate methods. Runners could also use this.

Is this a joke ! Telling us locals who live here trying to earn an income to change their travel habits. The roads on the Gold Coast can’t handle normal week or weekend traffic especially the M1 so don’t make us suffer because of the stupid decision to take these games on