Gold Coasters urged to fill up NOW ahead of expected price hike

Gold Coasters are being urged to shop around for fuel, with at least one petrol station already seen hiking up the price of fuel by almost 40 cents.

It comes ahead of school holidays in Queensland kicking off this weekend, with families expected to hit the road for getaways across the state.

RACQ also issued the warning, urging drivers in Brisbane to “avoid Coles Express and BP”.


“5 Coles Express and 2 BP sites in Brisbane have hiked their prices to 145.9cpl… There’s plenty of cheap fuel available, make sure you shop around!” they wrote.

A number of fuel pumps on the Gold Coast have also pumped up their prices, with the BP Connect in Labrador selling for 145.9 cents a litre, according to the RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder.

The 7 Eleven in Southport has also hiked their prices to 125.5 cents a litre.

However, there are still plenty of servos selling unleaded for as little as 105.9, with drivers being urged to fill up now.

According to the motoring body, a fair fuel price on the Gold Coast today is 108.3c/pl.

To check the price of petrol in your area, click here.

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