Gold Coasters urged to make someone smile this International Day of Happiness

Gold Coasters are being encouraged to take a two-minute time-out to themselves and to help spread joy today, on International Day of Happiness!

The annual global initiative has been celebrated by the United Nations since its launch in 2013 and this year its theme is #TENBILLIONHAPPY: Happiness Day. Every Day. For All of Humanity, by 2050.

Local lifecoach and author Sally Thibault said a two-minute time-out to focus on happiness was a great way to mark the day, and a great habit to incorporate for everyday wellbeing.


“The International Day of Happiness is a yearly celebration of happiness as a fundamental human right and goal for all of humanity,” Ms Thibault said.

“The initiative encourages communities around the world to ensure happiness for everyone – to do what makes you happy, and to spread happiness.”

Sally says two minutes is all it takes to boost happiness levels, and the happiness levels of people around you.

“Passing on a smile, sharing an experience, helping someone in need, meditating and thinking positively, or spending time with friends and family are all two-minute time-outs we can invest in today.

“I encourage Queenslanders to take a two-minute time-out today to get happy. Spend two minutes considering and writing down three things you’re grateful for.

“You could also invest two minutes writing an email to someone to thank them, or putting in an overdue phone call to encourage a friend or family member.

“Set aside two minutes of pure alone time, a two-minute time-out to dance to your favourite song – whatever gets the happiness flowing!

“By taking two minutes to focus on happiness, we make our communities and our world a better place to be.”