Gold Coasters urged to prepare for heightened fire conditions

GOLD COASTERS are being warned to be extra vigilant with heightened fire conditions predicted today and over the coming days.

RFSQ South Eastern Regional Manager Fergus Adrian said a heightened fire danger rating was in place for the south east, south west, and Brisbane regions due to strong and gusty winds passing through parts of the state.

“Whilst we are experiencing cooler temperatures at the moment, the conditions of vegetation in the area is such that should a fire start, strong winds would establish a fast moving fire,” he said.


“These are not suitable conditions for conducting burn offs in these regions.”

State Acting Chief Superintendent (Director Operations RFSQ) Peter Varley said landowners who had conducted hazard reduction burns recently were strongly encouraged to take immediate steps to ensure their fire had been properly extinguished.

“Landowners who have conducted burns are also asked to make sure residual fires are contained so that they will not escape,” he said.

Residents across the south east, south west and Brisbane areas are advised to take extra care when using power tools that might spark into flammable vegetation.

RFSQ Brisbane Region Manager Gary McCormack said all residents should take care to avoid fire risks.

“People should ensure they do not throw cigarette butts out of the car window and be careful when operating machinery in grassed areas,” he said.

“Any suspicious behaviour around bushfires and all fires should be reported to authorities immediately.”

Further information on bushfire preparation can be found at .