Gold Coasters urged to roll up sleeves to prevent blood shortage

Gold Coasters are being urged to roll up their sleeves over the next fortnight in a desperate bid to avoid the blood shortage currently affecting the rest of the world.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospitals, medical facilities and communities is stretching blood supplies across the globe extremely thin.

While Australians are still getting the blood products they need, Lifeblood has warned of similar pressure here if Aussie donors become complacent.


It’s understood nearly 7000 donations are needed in the next two weeks, with Gold Coasters being encouraged to play their part.

“Australian donors have been incredibly generous and helped ensure our blood supply has remained sufficient, but with hospital demand for blood the highest it’s been in nearly a decade, it’s critical people don’t stop donating now,” Cath Stone, Executive Director of Donor Services said.

She’s encouraging those who already donate to consider upping their appointments.

“Right now, some other countries are calling for more donors and postponing hospital surgeries to manage blood shortages,” Ms Stone said.

“While Australia is ahead of the game, we urge existing donors to consider increasing the frequency of their donations right now and for new donors to come forward to ensure this stays the case.

“Unfortunately COVID lockdowns, a change in people’s movements and lifestyles, and general social anxiety has led to many of our wonderful donors cancelling their regular donations, or simply failing to show up.

“Our message today is please come back! Book a donation, but better still, book three donations over the next 12 months and know you are potentially helping save up to nine lives”.