Gold Coasters urged to take it easy as we brace for more scorching temps

Gold Coasters are being urged to take it easy over the next couple of days as we brace for some seriously warm weather.

Temperatures have already reached 32 degrees at the Gold Coast Seaway this afternoon but the Bureau of Meteorology says it feels more like 35 degrees.

Out west, Beaudesert has reached around 34.7 degrees but the mercury could continue to climb through the afternoon.


Temperatures are set to get even warmer on Wednesday with the Bureau predicting we are in for a hot and sunny day with tops around 35 degrees near the coast, while areas out west could get closer to 38 degrees.

It has prompted a warning from the Queensland Ambulance Service, who say the warm weather can be dangerous.

“The biggest risk is dehydrating and overheating and heat related syndromes can be fatal if you don’t manage it,” QAS Clinical Director Tony Hucker said.

“But if you take simple planning steps you can avoid that.

“Make sure you avoid the hottest part of the day. If you’re going to do strenuous activity make sure you have lots of breaks and have lots of water with you.”

Mr Hucker also had a serious warning for parents.

“Make sure you don’t leave in cars at all on days like today and tomorrow because it is super hot and cars get really hot really quickly.”