Gold Coasters warned to ‘start changing your habits’ as dam levels drop

Gold Coasters are being told to start becoming more water conscious now, as dam levels across the southeast continue plummeting.

The total capacity across all dams is now down to 60 percent, though when it reaches 50 percent – compulsory restrictions will come into place.

The Tugun desalination plant has been ramped up to try and top up supplies around the region.


Though, Mayor Tom Tate has advised locals to start thinking about saving water now, warning the worst is still to come.

“Looking at long term forecasts, this will probably be one of the worst, hottest seasons, and that’s when water restrictions may come in. So starting early is good.

“My message to everyone is: start changing your habits, start having shorter showers, the other idea is that if you’re going to water your garden – do it later in the afternoon so that the water doesn’t evaporate. Those sort of things.

“Think through that water is life and is a precious commodity,” Mayor Tate said.

Due to the hot, dry conditions, fire fighters across the southeast and the whole state are still dealing with numerous blazes, which take up vital resources.

Mayor Tom Tate says when it comes down to it, disaster resources come first, and that’s where the desalination plant will help.

“Looking at when it comes to disaster, our water will go there first.

“Looking at our dam levels – for the city of the Gold Coast at the moment – we bode well.

“But nothing beats getting the water from the ocean and topping it up,” Mayor Tate said.