Gold Coasters would throw millions at fixing the M1

More research has found that Gold Coasters want a better M1, along with better solutions to traffic congestion.

A new transport survey hypothetically gave 2000 Queenslanders $100 million, and asked how they would spend it to improve their local transport network.

Participants in Gold Coast, Logan and Scenic Rim regions said they would put at least half their budget on the State-controlled road network.


RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross says it’s no surprise there’s one major road that took the cake.

“A whopping 90 percent of people who responded to the survey believe the main roads in their region need upgrading due to the amount of traffic using them.

“The Pacific Motorway has again been called out, with 80 percent of people calling for the delivery of vital upgrades. The recent commitments from the State and Federal Governments are welcome, but they’re long overdue,” Ms Ross said.

It wasn’t the only outstanding issue though, with Ms Ross saying a good amount of the hypothetical budgets went towards public transport as well.

“Around half believed there isn’t enough public transport available to accommodate their area and services don’t run where they need to.

“A similar number also considered fast rail to the Gold Coast and the extension of the light rail from Broadbeach to Coolangatta to be important projects.

“The Gold Coast continues to boom but its road and transport networks haven’t kept up, and locals agree.

“Everyone pays rates and taxes so we urge all levels of government to consider what’s important to the people who contribute to them and work to bridge the funding gaps delaying the delivery of critical projects,” Ms Ross said.