Gold Coast’s Event Cinemas are reopening today!

Grab the popcorn, chop tops, frozen cokes and candy Gold Coasters… we’re finally allowed back at the cinema!

Event Cinemas is reopening it’s doors at Robina, Pacific Fair, Coomera and Australia Fair today, in line with the further easing of restrictions within Queensland.

While there hasn’t been a stack of new movies released recently, due to that pesky Covid bug, there’s still plenty to go along and see, both for the kids’ school holidays and for the adults.


As well as the latest releases, Event Cinemas will also throw a few classics in for good measure… so look out for the 1984 classic ‘Ghostbusters’.

And in further good news, ticket prices will be halved in celebration of the cinema’s return!

There will be a few changes to look out for when you visit, but Samara Whately from Event Cinemas has assured 1029 Hot Tomato’s Galey, Emily Jade and Christo that they’re more than ready to have film buffs back in the seats.

“We’ve made a few changes, the guys have done a great job in working out the social distancing and cleanliness.

“You can actually pre-order, collect and show your phone on the way out of the candy bar.

“But you can still get your popcorn and still get your drinks, don’t worry, we haven’t taken that away.

“And we’ve got a new social distancing way of booking tickets, so when you book it actually blocks out the seats around you.

“So when you book online, you’ll see that on your last page of your booking,” Ms Whately said.

Sorry Coolangatta, the cinemas there still aren’t open just yet. But we’re being told the reopening is imminent. Just keep an eye on the Facebook page.

For more information, click here.

Listen to the full interview with Samara Whately below: