Gold Coast’s Evolve Skateboards partners with US giant Bustin

GOLD Coast electric skateboard company Evolve Skateboards has scored a major coup after securing a deal to partner with US-based Bustin Longboards to jointly sell a range of motorised longboard products.

Evolve and Bustin have signed a deal to jointly produce electric longboards under the Bustin brand to be sold throughout the USA and Australia.

Evolve Skateboard director Jeff Anning said the partnership with the New York company was an exciting move for the company.


“We think the partnership between the two companies is a really good fit because we’re more into the cruising and young professional market rather than the hard-core skateboarders.

“We have already started manufacturing and marketing the first of the new boards and they should be available in the United States in the middle of October,’’ said Mr Anning.

Evolve Skateboards, which was only launched in 2011, now sells its electric skateboards in more than 30 countries around the world.

The company’s fast growing horde of loyal customers include the likes of Felix Baumgartner (sky diver who jumped from the stratosphere), US television personality Conan O’Brien and several Olympians.

Mr Anning said Bustin was one of the top two longboard companies in the US and the deal would create a win-win situation for both companies.

“We will get the benefit of drawing off their massive market presence both in the US and Internationally, while they will get the benefit of our world-leading expertise in the production of their electric boards,’’ said Mr Anning

The electric Bustin boards will be available for sale in Australia, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, USA, United Kingdom, and Canada through online stores and Bustin’s existing network of retailers.