Gold Coast’s ferry service to pick up the pace in new trial

Gold Coast Council is next week set to trial speeding up the city’s ferry service, in the hope more people will utilise the service.

Hopo will be given an exemption for two days to trial a variety of speeds and monitor the impacts from the ferry’s wake on surrounding structures and banks.

Mayor Tom Tate said boosting the speed of the ferry would likely result in more residents wanting to use the service for their daily commute to work.


“Since commencing the trial service in December 2019, the Hopo ferries have carried almost 50,000 passengers,” Mayor Tate said.

“Locals and visitors are loving the service and using it throughout the week as well as on weekends.

“A faster travel time will appeal more to the commuter market, resulting in less cars on the road – and a safer and more sustainable city.”

The wash trial will take place along part of the Nerang River, running south from James Overall Park to Harry Bond Park, and will start with the ferry travelling at six knots per hour and move up in intervals.

City of Gold Coast confirmed representatives from Maritime Safety Queensland, the Gold Coast Waterways Authority and the Queensland Water Police will be in attendance.

Anyone wanting to have their say on the proposed speed limit exemption is being encouraged to do so, with written submissions being accepted from 11 March to 16 April 2021 via email and mail.

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Do you think maybe the sheer cost and also the fact it doesn’t go anywhere except to the tourist spots might be the reason why people don’t use it for their daily commute to work?? Its totally aimed at the tourist market.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nix

I agree that the cost is over the top. That is why l don’t use the service or the family and friends that I have spoken with.