Gold Coast’s Kurt Coleman Australia’s most famous teen

MEET Gold Coast teenager Kurt Jay Coleman – Australia’s most well-known 17-year-old.

With more than 177,000 Facebook fans and 90,000 followers on Instagram, Kurt refers to himself as Australia’s Paris Hilton.

The teen, who spends his days updating his social media sites with selfies and insightful quotes, says he never set out to find fame, instead claims it found him.


He dropped out of high school last year and says he’d rather spend time learning about himself then receive an education.

Kurt Coleman

His impressive online following has led to appearances on TV and radio, including on Studio 10 and the Kyle and Jackie O show.

The self-obsessed 17-year-old says he is not interested in dating because he is too interested in himself and his ‘career’.

He says he makes a living by doing ‘celebrity appearances’ at birthday parties and functions.

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