Gold Coast’s M1 named worst road in Queensland

Surprise, Surprise… Locals could have told you it themselves, but the Gold Coast’s Pacific Motorway has officially been labelled the worst road in all of Queensland.

The M1 was voted as the most troublesome road across the entire state in RACQ’s recent Red Spot Congestion Survey.

The motoring body’s spokesperson Renee Smith said several Gold Coast roads had actually been identified by drivers as causing unnecessary delays.


“We asked motorists right around Queensland to pinpoint the exact locations that had bumper to bumper traffic which led to frustration behind the wheel,” Ms Smith said.

“It comes as no surprise to hear drivers on the coast say the Pacific Motorway is the most congested road, with two separate locations (Ormeau to Helensvale and Mudgeeraba to Tugun) drawing the ire of motorists.”

Ms Smith is now calling on the re-instated Queensland Government to urgently fix our local roads.

“We have seen some improvements to exits on the Pacific Motorway and additional lanes announced from Varsity Lakes to Tugun, but there’s a lot more that needs to be done to alleviate congestion and reduce travel times,” she said.

“We’ll be using the results of this survey to form our policy positions and continue to lobby both local and State governments to come up with solutions to other bottlenecked areas.”

Gold Coast’s worst roads according to RACQ’s Red Spot Congestion Survey:

 Pacific Motorway, Exits 41 to 57 from Ormeau to Helensvale

  1. Pacific Motorway, Mudgeeraba to Tugun
  2. Mt Lindesay Highway, Browns Plains to Jimboomba
  3. Smith Street Motorway, Pacific Motorway to Olsen Avenue
  4. Southport Burleigh Road (Bundall Road), Ashmore
  5. Gold Coast Highway at Pine Ridge Road and Oxley Drive.

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The M1 should not be called a highway. It should be classed as a place to park your car for a few hours while you’re thinking of going somewhere. How did it get to this mess? Who mocked up the forecasting? Given the number of revenue raising “safety” cameras we see on the road daily surely there was enough money in the kitty to pay to make it “safe” by now?

The biggest issue is the inability of drivers to use it. People think they should slow down in all 4 lanes cause dreamworld are merging on. We should be going at speed 110km and if they can’t match and find a gap they wait. Slowing on the m1 to let them in, causes everyone on the m1 to bank up. Also we don’t need to slow if a car is on the side of the road to look. Drivers need to stop rubber necking at stuff that doesn’t involve them, (eg. Pretty flashing lights/ a car crash on the other sude of the highway/Just a car in the breakdown lane) again screws everyone up. Bends in the road as scary as they seem are ok to keep doing the speed limit. Oh and if you want to sit on your mobile phone move over to the left so you only crash into a tree not the rest of us. Just a couple of things I see each day.

I wouldn’t call it the worst road…..too many people moved in the Gold Coast & time to stop building houses & save the bl**dy wildlife!!!!