Gold Coast’s oldest beauty queen takes pageant world by storm

Australia’s oldest beauty queen, Suzi Dent has proven age is just a number by taking out third place at one of the world’s top 5 beauty pageants, Mrs Earth 2017.

The 55-year-old Gold Coast beauty beat out younger contestants from 36 countries at the Southpoint Resort and Spa in Las Vegas.

“I woke up this morning, body aching and feeling on top of the world! I just came third for Australia in an international beauty pageant!” Suzi excitedly exclaimed.


“Apparently I beat women who won Miss World! Just goes to show that personality and ‘being real’ really do count!”

As well as taking out third place, Suzi was crowned Mrs Earth Health 2017 – a title awarded to the delegate who best represents a positive image for all women, and a healthy mind, body and spiritual realm, regardless of their size or age.

“As the reigning Mrs Earth Health 2017, I aim to promote mental, physical, and emotional awareness by showing that I’m comfortable in my own skin, and in a healthy mind, body and spirit at all times.”

Before entering Mrs Earth Australia, Suzi had never even worn a formal gown with her wardrobe consisting of nothing but baggy shirts, shorts and sneakers.

The self confessed tom boy puts her pageant success down to her positive mindset and quirky attitude.

“I want to help other women celebrate and embrace being over 50. I’m a natural beauty, not a user of botox or fillers, and try to embrace a healthy mind and body with regular exercise and good nutrition,” Suzi said proudly.

“I am hoping to inspire women to stop paying attention to their age number, and be fearless about making changes in their lives, and to celebrate their wrinkles, life experiences and knowledge!”

The title of Mrs Earth 2017 was awarded to Mrs UK Robyn Morrison-Charlesworth, and runner-up was Mrs Canada Jane Gagne.