Gold Coast’s own ‘Employment Facilitator’ to start in New Year

The Gold Coast will finally get its own dedicated Employment Facilitator in the New Year, as part of the federal government’s local jobs program.

Local members announced on Wednesday that Jodi Brackenbury from Settlement Services International Limited will officially move into the role on January 11.

She’ll help local job seekers find work as part of the Morrison Government’s $62.8 million Local Jobs Program.


We’re one of 25 regions in the country to receive our own dedicated person for the role.

Ms Brackenbury will also chair a Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce addressing the needs of the local community.

Member for McPherson Karen Andrews MP is confident Gold Coasters will benefit from this.

“The Morrison Government has recognised the impact COVID-19 has had on the Gold Coast and the importance of obtaining this local knowledge in assisting our jobs recovery,” Mrs Andrews said.

“I’m confident, with the experience Jodi brings to the role, she will provide the on-the-ground support employers and job seekers need at this vital time.”

An interim employment facilitator has been in place for some time as is still available until Ms Brackenbury begins.

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