Gold Coast’s population growing much faster than the rest of Australia

It’s been revealed that the Gold Coast’s population is booming a lot quicker than the rest of the country.

Newscorp reports we’re growing at a rate of 1.5 times the rest of Australia, with all age groups expected to rise over the next decade.

Leading Demographer – Bernard Salt – is carrying out research commissioned by Newscorp, and says we need to accept our destiny as a population hotspot, thanks to our adaptability as a city, rather than the more concrete metropolitan status of larger cities like Melbourne or Sydney.


“The Gold Coast is continually reinventing itself from retirement to commuting to lifestyle to research to global city to entertainment hub to a cosmopolitan city to education city to a health-care city,” Mr Salt told Newscorp.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts approximately 768,000 people will live here by the year 2030, and that we’ll tick over 1,000,000 by the mid-2030s.

No surprises the northern corridor will bear the bulk of the growth, with Mr Salt predicting the Ormeau-Oxenford region could be the size of Victoria’s Ballarat and host more than 220,000 people in a decade’s time.