Queen LIve

Gold Coast’s QUEEN concert deemed a $7M success

QUEEN well and truly rocked the Gold Coast over the weekend, drawing massive crowds and injecting millions into the local economy.

A massive 40,000 people flocked to Metricon stadium in Carrara on Saturday night, and while there were certainly the foreseen transport issues, the overall consensus is that it was an amazing event.

Mayor Tom Tate was amongst the crowds, and says it will forever be a ‘cherished memory’ for him.


“It’s significant in that the world number one band find it appropriate to come to the Gold Coast.

“And I know that other major bands throughout the world will now look at Metricon Stadium as being a world class entertainment precinct,” Mayor Tate.

The whole event is estimated to be worth at least $7 million to the Gold Coast – another figure the Mayor is extremely happy about.

“The key factor that out of 40,000 people, 50 percent of that were from out of town.

“The hotel rooms would have been filled over the weekend, and I think that’s the key issue.

“And the idea of picking a Saturday is magic, because people would have stayed on the Sunday and left on the Monday.

“The part where accommodation and hoteliers are finding it tough because of coronavirus, well this is a great topping up,” the Mayor said.

Though as predicted, the transport options to and from the stadium were completely saturated, with some concert goers quite upset that more planning was carried out beforehand.

People queued for hours for busses to and from the event, trams weren’t increased to deal with the capacity at Broadbeach, Ubers were costing in excess of $100 to and from Broadbeach/Surfers, and cabs were no where to be found.

Andrew McQuade had a disability parking permit to park nearby at Emmanuel College, but says he was ‘disgusted’ by the whole process.

“I can’t stand for any length of time due to my injured legs. I was absolutely disgusted with the organisation of the disability transport provided.

“1 hour 50 minutes waiting in the queue to get on a mini bus nearly killed me. And I’m in a better situation than a lot.

“Finally we were dropped at one area and told we would be picked up at the same spot, but at the end of concert we go to where we were dropped, only to be told we had to go to another area 500 meters from where we were.

“Reluctantly and extremely frustrated, we walked back to Emmanuel College instead.

“Although I’ve loved Queen since the 70’s wouldn’t go see the or any other performance at that venue as I’m in too much pain this morning,” Mr McQuade told myGC.

Mayor Tom Tate says he recognised the issues post show, and says the Gold Coast still has a bit of ‘homework’ to do in regards to future major events at the stadium.

“I would say that coming in was easy access, but for 40,000 people – we’ve never had that much crowd disbursement.

“I think more homework needs to be done regarding exiting for 40,000 people.

“I exited the same way as everyone else, and after a few hours of entertainment when you’re exiting in one go – it’s quite slow.

“My idea would be additional entertainment post the main act, so that some younger people might want to stay behind and listen a bit more, while other people exit immediately.

“A staged exit would be a better idea,” the Mayor said.