Gold Coast’s red and yellow flags rise again

The red and yellow flags will return to Gold Coast beaches from tomorrow, after an 83 day hiatus due to coronavirus.

The call was made back in March to take down the flags, in an effort to stop people going to the beach.

Gold Coast Chief Lifeguard Warren Young told 1029 Hot Tomato’s Galey, Emily Jade and Christo that it’s been a few quiet few months.


“It’s been no where near as busy, as far as people in the water.

“Still a lot of people surfing , but no where near the crowds, or people even coming to the beach, with people really observing that,” Mr Young said.

Since the red flags were taken down on March 28, less than 60 beach rescues were conducted.

While beaches around the rest of Queensland rose their red and yellow flags a week ago, ours are officially up from tomorrow.

“People will come along tomorrow and start swimming between the flags, and obviously still observing social distancing, you know, being aware,” Mr Young said.

So, who’s hitting the beaches tomorrow?

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