Gold Coast’s worst drivers revealed

The Gold Coast’s worst drivers have been revealed. Is it the rev-heads cruising through Surfers Paradise who have taken out the top spot? Or perhaps the speedsters who treat stretches of the M1 as their own personal drag racing practice route?

Well according to Queensland police, it’s the family-friendly suburb of Coomera that lays claim to the worst drivers on the Coast, with a massive 19,783 infringements reported in Coomera over the past year.

This is more than triple the number of infringements in the second-place suburb of Broadbeach, with 6,317 offences, and almost 10 times the infringements of Palm Beach with 2,296 offences.


Speeding was the most common offence, but Gold Coast Road Policing Command officer in charge Bradyn Murphy told the Bulletin that the other two big issues are failure to wear a seatbelt, and phone use.

Ah, that major modern scourge that is the mobile phone, rearing its ugly head again.

Using a mobile phone while you’re behind the wheel of a car is so dangerously tempting, and yet so incredibly stupid.

Talking into your phone on speaker mode is far less dangerous than it is to bend your head down over your phone as you text, browse Instagram or Facebook, scroll emails, or attend to all sorts of other ridiculously non-urgent tasks. I see this on the road almost every time I drive and can’t get over how mind-bogglingly dangerous it is!

In Perth, one driver was so intensely absorbed in his mobile phone that he failed to realise he was being chased by a police officer for almost a minute.

Interestingly, when I researching this column I discovered that it is illegal for the driver to use a mobile phone that is held in their hand, even when stopped in traffic or waiting for a light to change.

So basically, using your phone while behind the wheel at all, period, is pretty silly behaviour.

I must admit that when I get behind the wheel, I almost always contemplate using the opportunity to make a phone call – on speaker, of course – because I feel like I have 5 to 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to kill.

Except I don’t have that time to ‘kill’, and it’s not time that should be spent multitasking. WE should be focusing on the road and obeying by the law – especially if we live in Coomera, it seems!