GoldLinQ’s plan to deal with the Gold Coast’s party precinct

FENCING, walls, drink coasters, Facebook and strategically placed garden beds are all part of the plan to prevent drunks from being hit by trams in one of the nation’s busiest nightclub precincts.

The combination of 60-tonne vehicles and thousands of people with impaired sight, judgment and co-ordination presented a special sort of challenge for designers through Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

GoldLinQ communications and stakeholder director Jason Ward said the technical design around pubs and clubs had taken into account the way people were likely to behave in certain areas.


One example is the barrier that has been built near Waxy’s Irish Pub in Surfers Paradise to discourage people walking straight out the door on to the tracks, while garden beds outside the exits of pubs and clubs were also used to dissuade wobbly punters.

Original article by Kathleen Skene, to read the complete article head to the Gold Coast Bulletin website.