Good amount of rain on the way for the Gold Coast this Christmas

Merry Christmas Gold Coast – our Christmas wishes have been answered, with rain on the way today and tomorrow.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts a storm will move in later today, bringing showers, showers and more showers for the coast.

Top temperatures will hang around the mid 20s today, while cooling off to tops of 23 degrees at the Seaway tomorrow.


On Christmas morning, parts of the coast could wake to rainfall totals of more than 50 millimetres, a small but welcome reprieve from otherwise very dry conditions.

David Crock from the Bureau told myGC the showers will be at their heaviest overnight.

“We’re going to see some storms develop later tonight, more so inland at first, but should move through the coast later tonight.

“Particularly overnight tonight and into Christmas morning tomorrow, we should see a fair bit of rain fall as an upper trough spins over southeast Queensland.

“Fingers crossed for some good totals, we could be looking around 50 millimetres perhaps more in parts but it will clear up mostly through tomorrow afternoon.

“So Christmas afternoon should be reasonably fine although it will be quite mild, very pleasant weather, and hopefully the garden gets a good drink and everyone gets a good drop of rainfall,” Mr Crock told myGC.

Mr Crock also mentioned that if showers were to turn particularly heavy, we may have to watch out for some minor flooding in the morning.

“There is a good amount of moisture in the atmosphere, so we could see some locally heavy falls around the place overnight tonight and tomorrow.

“So do take care if you’re out and about on the roads this evening and particularly tomorrow morning – there could be a bit of flash flooding around if heavier rain develops overnight.

“So do take care if you’re travelling to see relatives or whatever you may be doing on Christmas morning,” Mr Crock said.

This could be the last good drop of the year, with showers to clear up by Thursday at the latest.

“It’s been a very dry year, a number of places will be close to their driest year on record in southeast Queensland.

“It’s certainly been a while, and we’ll be hanging out for some really good totals to develop over the next 24 hours or so,” Mr Crock said.

Here’s the full forecast.

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