Good Samaritans use jet skis to extinguish boat fire

A HOUSEBOAT has been destroyed by fire in dramatic scenes on the Gold Coast.

The boat went up in flames in the Broadwater behind Charis Seafoods in Labrador just before 1.30pm.

Good Samaritans used jet skis and boats to spray water onto the burning vessel in an effort to douse the flames.


Working together, they managed to put the majority of the fire out before emergency services arrived.

Source: Supplied by Karla Hastings

Source: Supplied by Karla Hastings

“The boats and jet skis have done an amazing job flicking water onto it – they definitely helped a lot,” one woman told myGC.

“It was amazing to see so many people pitch in to help,” another said.

It is not yet known exactly what sparked the blaze, or if anyone was on board the boat when it caught fire.

Firefighters, police and the coast guard are on the scene.

Paramedics had also been dispatched to the job but were not needed and have since left the scene.

Source: Supplied by Karla Hastings