Good Sorts and Bad Sports: The Bachelorette Episode 5 recap

Ep 5 starts with our resident ranga Clancy getting the single date with Bachie-ette.

Georgia is stoked Clancy’s shaved off his ginger beard to reveal good looks, but will his personality shine through to keep her amused?


Gerogia (*cough cough* the producers) recreates an NYC inspired date consisting of an awkward serenade by Dua Lipa, followed by ice skating.

Clancy does his best to imitate an intoxicated daddy-long-legs on skates but Georgia loves his goofiness and gives him the safety rose and a snog.

It’s group date time and another ridiculous activity looms… the lads high five as Osher’s hair announces a Medieval Archery Attack.

Sam seems intent on killing Rhys, Matty points his gymnast toes ready for an adventure, while Courtney gets a stiff stem at the thought of dressing in medieval costume and manages to once again disappoint Georgia by fore-going his own chance at a single date with her so Heath-Ledger look-alike Ryan gets a chance.

I’m not sure if Bachie-ette is less impressed with Courtney’s stupidity, or the fact she has to spend alone time with Rhys who wins the group activity *yawn*.

Cocktail party time and Georgia’s short dress gets the lads hot and heavy under the collar. But they’re not the only ones getting sweaty as Bachie-ette discovers 2 intruders are about to enter the house – yay more man meat!

Enter Italian Stallion Matteo. His accent is as thick as his head and Georgia wonders how she’ll dodge his huge schnozz if they kiss.

Next is Todd. Todd can play guitar. And sing. Todd also has a huge bottom lip Georgia seems intent on biting as they bond over Broadway stories.

It’s the Rose Ceremony and Bachie-ette needs to boot one of the boys. As they receive their roses one by one it’s big kid Courtney and intruder Matteo left standing on the podium. Courtney’s crapping his nick-nicks but it’s Matteo and his big beak that are going home as Georgia gives Courtney a rose and the Italian Stallion his marching orders.