Goodes vs Evil

WHEN the young indigenous kid playing forward pocket celebrated his third goal of the last quarter by raising his arms with index fingers pointing, smiling as he ran past me on the boundary, naturally I jumped the fence and attempted to wrestle him to the ground, threatened as I was by his overtly aggressive celebrating.

Wait, no I didn’t. I stood there and applauded a great quarter of footy.

Why? Because I am not a sociopath!!


It is not every day that a footy player proves himself worthy of the ‘hero’ status that society labels them with.

With Adam Goodes it happens with heroic regularity.

The dual Brownlow medallist / Australian of the Year may as well have been wearing red and white spandex against Carlton on Friday night as he battled the hydra-like enemy that is racism and fear.

I continue to be inspired by his words and deeds on and off the footy field.

Alas, some do not.

As the Footy Tyrants began condemning Goodes for what any well-adjusted non-racist person would call a unique and entertaining post-goal celebration, all I could see in my mind’s eye was a piggish version of footy pundits espousing the virtues of ‘iron discipline’.

“Surely, comrades, you don’t want Jones back?”

Sadly this analogy has proved to be frighteningly apt as mainstream and social media were inundated with idiotic hypotheticals throughout the weekend.

I’ll just pick two that I saw, at random.

‘What if Adam Goodes did a Hitler salute? Would it be ok then?’ and ‘Take the racism out of it, what if Goodes had have pointed a gun at the crowd and not a spear’.

Squealer and his posse did their job well it seems, muddying the waters of good and evil under the guise of clarity, steering the conversation to a place that is so far away from where we as a nation need it to be.

Allow me to try and right the conversational ship by adapting some Irish Philosophy that I once learnt from reading one of my Nan’s tea towels to the issue.


There are only two things to worry about.
Either you had no problem at all and in fact enjoyed what Goodes did on Friday night or you did have a problem.
If you enjoyed what Goodes did on Friday night then you have nothing to worry about.
If you had a problem then there are only two things to worry about – Either you are a sociopath or you are racist.
The end.

Now that we are all on the same page the real debate about the inherent racism and fear underpinning everyday Australian life can begin.

That the post-match analysis team in their half hour of Goodes-gate never once questioned the common sense of the violent so-called footy fans that carried on after the goal tells you exactly where they sit.

Fortunately for this nation, standing across from them is Adam Goodes.

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